Organisation tips for your garage

It is very easy for your garage to become a bit of a dumping ground. Often many of us will use a garage a bit like a spare room and anything that doesn’t have a proper home may end up in the garage. If you find that your garage is filling up fast, then you need to have a good sort out and get organised to allow you to stay on top of it.

Sectioning off your garage is the best way to be organised. Have an area of items that you need often and then an area for items you only use very occasionally. You may also want to have an area where you can put things that are to go to the charity shop or tip. Make sure that the items you use often are near the front and easy to get too. Every time one area starts to get too big, have another sort through and try and get rid of some items.

Shelving is a great way to store items without taking up more floor space. Often we find that we have a lot of old electrical items stored in our garages. Why not have a sort out and list a few of them on the sales pages so not only are you decluttering but you are also hopefully making a bit of money.  

Deciding whether to buy a car or lease one

If you are considering getting z new car then you need to decide whether you want to buy a cra or lease one. This is something that you should take time to research and do not feel pressured in to going a head with either when you are at the garage.

There are pros and cons for buying and leasing vehicles, but often it comes down to personal choice. Often you will find that leasing a car is likely to be a lot less on a monthly basis than buying one, but by the end of you, you still do not have ownership of the vehicle. Depending on what sort of lease agreement you have, after the two or three years you may have to hand the vehicle back, pay a lump sum to own it or refinance the remainder.

If you find that you get bored and you like the idea of driving a new car every two to three years then leasing could be for you.

Leasing can be hassle free motoring with many companies offering leasing packages that include all services and tyres etc., some even include insurance. You do have to find out if there are any limits such as the mileage you are allowed to do.

Choosing the right replacement garage doors

If you are considering replacing your garage doors, then there is often a lot to consider. You should first decide what style of garage door you want. Do you want it to be the same as you currently have or do you want to change it for a different type?

Different types of garage doors are great for different situations. If for example you have limited space then you may wish to choose a roller garage door that will neatly fold away in a small space in the ceiling of the garage. Up and over garage doors also take up little room but you will need to have head space for the door to fold in to and be aware that they will need room to open outwards first before they can be folded away.

If you often don’t have to open your garage doors but do need to be able to walk through the garage to your front garden then you may choose for a door with separate pedestrian access. This will mean you do not have to open up the whole garage which may not only be easier but can be more secure as you won’t need to show the world what you store in your garage.  

Why converting your garage into a gym is a great idea?

So many of us have missed being at the gym during the strict lockdown over the past 12 months. If you have not already, then you may be thinking about converting your garage into a gym to ensure that you always have the perfect place to work out no matter what is going on in the world.

Even though gyms are now allowed to open up again, many are running at limited capacity and are very often it is not the same experience that you are used to.

Gym memberships can cost a huge amount, upwards of £30 a month. Over the course of a year, this is a big outlay and one that could often be used towards other things. Building your own gym in your garage will require a bit of money to start with but once built, it will be free to use whenever you want to. The beauty of having a gym at home is there are no restrictions on when you can use it and you don’t have to account for travel time. If you have young children who cannot be left on their own, you can still get a workout done once they have gone to bed, whereas this may be harder if you need to find someone to look after them for you so you can go to the gym.

Should you get rid of your garage to have extra space on your home?

If you have a garage at your home but want extra space, you may consider either knocking down your garage to build an extension or converting your garage into another room.

You need to think very carefully before doing this as it may have an effect on the value of your property. If for example you dot have much of a driveway then knocking down the garage would mean that any owner would have to park on the roadside.

You will need to apply for planning permission for the building work and do not be tempted to start the work before you have got this. If you are planning on building a double extension or building on top of your garage (even if not immediately but at a later date) then make sure that the foundations are built deep enough to take it. You will also need to apply for planning of this.

Lots of us no longer use our garages to store our vehicles in but instead use them for storage of tools, gardening equipment and even as a wash room. If you are going to lose this storage space, think carefully about where you are going to be able to store all of these items afterwards.

How to find a car garage you can trust

Having repairs done on your car can be expensive and we all want to ensure that we do not get ripped off. It can be hard trying to find a garage that you can trust as often you will only find out if they are trustworthy by using them a few times. If you take your car to a garage and worry that they are not being honest you could take it elsewhere for a second opinion. You may not wish to tell the first garage that you are doing this but if you do, they shouldn’t mind as longas they have been upfront with you.

Being quoted for work that does not need doing is unfortunately something that happens quite often. Unless you have the knowledge to know and the means of checking, often you have to take a mechanics word for it. If you take the car to a main dealership, you are likely to have to pay more for the parts and for the labour but you may find that you get a more consistent service.

The best way to find a garage you can trust is to ask around. Social media sites such as Facebook are a great place to start to ask for reviews. You can post on your profile or on local groups asking for recommendations for car garages or mobile mechanics. If you get the same garage or mechanic mentioned multiple times then you at least can have a bit of peace of mind that they are reputable.

If you do use a garage and find that they are quoting for work that is not required, it is important to report them so that they cannot get away with it again.

Running a car is often enough of an expense on its own without having to fork out for repairs that do not need to be done. Keeping on top of your services will help prolong the life of the vehicle and should allow you to pick up on problems that may of developed quickly, before they worsen.

If you do find a garage you can trust, be sure to spread the word and leave them reviews. This will then help other people that are currently looking for a good mechanic or garage to work on their vehicle. Social media sites are again a great place to leave reviews along with Google listings and their own website, if they have one.

Replacing your roof on your garage

If you need to replace the roof on your garage, you may have the option on fitting a flat roof or a pitched one. There are advantages and disadvantages of both and you will need to do your research to find out which one is going to be most suitable for you.

Often people prefer to have pitched rooves so that it matches with the roof of their house. This can give the exterior of the property a uniform look but pitched roofs are often more costly.

Always ensure that you use a professional roofing company when it comes to having a new roof installed on your garage. You need to know that is it going to be water tight and built to last. Most good firms will give you a long warranty on the roof and any leaks that occur during that time, will be repaired free of charge.

If your old roof contains asbestos then you will need to have it professionally removed and disposed of. This can cost quite a bit extra, but never be tempted to cut corner and do it yourself or not dispose of it responsibly as asbestos can be a very dangerous substance.

Making sure your garage is watertight

It is not a given that your garage will be watertight. Sometimes garages aren’t built to the same standard of the rest of the house or they may have been built alongside the house but the roof is in desperate need of repair. This can lead to your garage letting in water which can be detrimental if you are not aware. If you have electrics in your garage such as lighting and sockets, then a water leak can be dangerous. If you use your garage for storage then items can quickly get damaged if they get wet. It can be a breading ground for mould and bacteria.

IF you notice a wet patch in your garage or can see water coming in then you need to try and identify where the water is coming from. If it is the roof then you will need to call out a roofing company who will come and investigate and fix the problem. If the roof is tiled then it may be that a few of the tiles need to be replaced.

Flat roofs are renowned for leaking over time, so if this has happened a number of times before you may decide to have it removed and have a pitched roof installed instead. This is obviously more costly but it may be that you are spending a lot on repairs anyway.

Replacing your garage door

If you are thinking about replacing your garage door then you may decide to do it yourself or use a third-party company to do it for you. You firstly need to decide what type of garage door you want. There are a number of different options such as the traditional up and over garage door. Wooden garage doors or bi-folding doors. It may be tricky to know which sort of door you should go for. Using a company that specialise in garage doors will help to ensure you make the correct choice. They will be able to come out and view the garage and find out what you use it for and how often you access it. If for example space is essential to you then an up and over garage door that folds away in the ceiling may be ideal. But if you rarely open the doors and just want to have access through to the back garden then you may choose double doors or even a garage door with pedestrian access.

If you park your car in your garage overnight then having a door that can be opened and closed using a remotely control is a must. You will be able to control the door without having to leave the car.

How secure is your garage?

Garages are not always used to store vehicles in, many people use their garage as another room in their home or as a storage place for gardening equipment and tools etc. This time of year people may also be using their garage to store Christmas presents in. This is fine as long as your garage is secure. The first thing you need to check when it comes to the security of your garage is the garage door. If it can be easily opened with force applied or is easy to pick the lock then it may be time to invest in a new one. If you open and close your garage doors often then you should consider installing an automatic garage door that will allow you to control it with a remote.

You can now buy sensor alarms that cost as little as £20 that will detect movement in your garage. They will play a siren that is approximately 125 decibels, lounder than most car horns, to alert you of an intruder. These again are often remotely controlled allowing you to set it and disarm it as and when needed.

Having a CCTV system installed that can overlook your garage door is another level of security that you can add. You can often set these up to notify you of any movement detected within the range set.

Garage Doors

There are lots of things which will come to affect your driving experience, like with functional changes, such as changing your tyres to suit the driving conditions, and with changes you might not expect, such as changing your garage door to more stylish timber garage doors.