Choosing the right replacement garage doors

If you are considering replacing your garage doors, then there is often a lot to consider. You should first decide what style of garage door you want. Do you want it to be the same as you currently have or do you want to change it for a different type?

Different types of garage doors are great for different situations. If for example you have limited space then you may wish to choose a roller garage door that will neatly fold away in a small space in the ceiling of the garage. Up and over garage doors also take up little room but you will need to have head space for the door to fold in to and be aware that they will need room to open outwards first before they can be folded away.

If you often don’t have to open your garage doors but do need to be able to walk through the garage to your front garden then you may choose for a door with separate pedestrian access. This will mean you do not have to open up the whole garage which may not only be easier but can be more secure as you won’t need to show the world what you store in your garage.