Advice when buying a used car

When it comes to the time to get a new car, you have a choice as to whether to buy new or used. New cars always come with a manufacturer’s warranty which is often three years but can be as much as seven years or 100,000 miles (currently Kia offer this warranty). This can give you hassle free motoring and although the warranty will not cover everything such as tyres and general wear and tear, it can mean if anything big goes wrong, you don’t have to fork out the thousands of pounds to fix it. Buying a used car always carries more risk than buying a new one as you often will have a short or possibly even no warranty. If you are buying a car off a private buyer you often have little come back as it is a private sale. It is worth remembering though that even for private seller used cars you are still covered by a general sales of goods act so if you can prove that a car was bought and was not fit for purpose you may be able to take them to a small claims court. Some companies offer used car checks and will go out even to a private sale and give the car a once over before you agree the sale. It is also strongly recommended that you carry out a HPI check to see information such as if the car has ever been recorded as stolen, written off, outstanding and finance.