Are you sharing your garage with unwanted visitors?

Garages have many different purposes. Some people use their garage purely as a place to keep their car overnight. They may also have a lawnmower and a few household tools in their but it is mainly a place for their car. Others may decide to use the garage as a gym or a playroom, either by properly converting it or simply moving equipment in to there. The problem with garages is often they are the perfect home for unwanted guests such as mice or rats. Especially during the colder months, mouse or rats will try and find somewhere they can go out of the cold and rain and a garage is often the perfect solution. Because it is not as busy as a room in your house, rodents can go undisturbed for weeks if not months and often you only realise they are there because you find something they have chewed through.

Although you cannot always completely stop rodents from getting in to your garage, you can try and block up as many holes as possible to make it harder for them. If you want to get rid of a mouse then why not invest in a humane mouse trap which will allow you to catch it so you can release it in a field.