Suspension coil springs

Repairs on vehicles regardless of if mechanical or body repairs can be costly. Garages usually put a good amount on top of the cost price of the parts and labour charges can vary from twenty five upwards of sixty pounds an hour, so what may seem like a small job can soon add up.

If you want to try and save money on your car repairs then you can try and sort out the parts yourself. You do not have to be a whizz with cars to do this, just need to know exactly what parts you need. Some garages will not be happy fitting parts that have been supplied by someone else, but if you use a mobile mechanic then often they will be ok with it.

I recently had to have a new coil spring fitted on a 2005 Vectra and was shocked to be quoted £140 for the pair (they are often done in pairs). After doing a bit of shopping around I managed to get the parts for £32 and found a mobile mechanic that would fit them for £35 saving myself a whopping £73!



Putting a number plate on retention

If you have a personalised number plate assigned to your car, then when it comes to the time you wish to sell the vehicle, you will have to apply to put the private plate on retention.

Putting a private number plate on retention will allow you to keep hold of the plate whilst you find another car to put it on, or enable you to sell the plate on.

The fee to put a plate on retention was reduced in March 2015 from £105 to £80 as DVLA have removed the £25 charge that was in place to renew the retention of the plate on an annual basis. DVLA have also now removed the charge to add or amend nominee details which means the how retention process can be carried out a lot quicker by DVLA.

Once you have put a number plate on retention, you will receive your new V5 detailing the new reg number assigned to the vehicle and a copy of the retention certificate.


Shop around to get the best car parts prices

If something goes wrong on your car or you need something replacing it can often be a costly experience. You need to know exactly what part you require first to enable you to do your own research in to pricing.

If you have been given a quote by a garage for a part, then ask them for specific details on what the part is and be honest with them and say you may ask for a few quotes off other places – if they are competitive they should not mind this.

Once you have the part details ring up a number of garages, local and national companies to obtain the best price. Be sure to check such things as warranty and time to fit the part as this may affect your decision as to where you have the repairs carried out.

Do not be afraid to barter a bit with the garage and ask them if they would match a lower price or throw in a pair of wiper blades for example.

Dealing with Electrical Faults

Electrical faults can be a bit of a nightmare for drivers today, especially considering the fact that cars today use a great deal of electrical components to function, even if they’re petrol or diesel.

If you have a selection of lights on your dashboard flashing, perhaps a problem with your fob or endless electrical complications, then it’s important to get your car checked out. You should visit a garage with an engine diagnostics department.

They are then able to identify any faults and provide the solution. It is important to be aware of the costs involved though, and these test can cost anywhere from £30 to £100, and that’s before they’ve carried out any maintenance or repair work. Electrical issues are real problems on cars, and they can cause severe issues in the long run, so get errors checked out quickly.

Car Valeting – The Complete Works

If you want to treat your car or simply just want it to look as good as it ever has, then you should definitely consider getting it valeted. We’re not talking about a quick car wash and vacuum, we’re talking about getting it cleaned in detail, every inch.

Professional car valeters will clean the outside, then dry it and wax it, while the components under the bonnet will be wiped down. Then on the inside, you can have your dashboard sparkling, as well as your ashtrays, carpets, seats and mats.

A good car valeter will give every aspect of the car a through clean and some cleaners will work in teams so the job can be completed in an hour or two, so you don’t have to wait around all day for your fresh new car.

Requesting OEM Car Parts

When you’re getting a repair carried out a garage, you are allowed a say on the parts being used, and you should always be inquisitive when it comes to the part and the price. OEM car parts (original equipment manufacturer) are the genuine article, and these will serve you better than non-OEM parts in the long run.

Some garages will carry out repairs using generic parts, but they’re going to need replacing a few years down the line and you should never have to pay over the odds for a general car part. Some garages will only use OEM parts and if you choose this type of mechanic you’re going to be guaranteed parts that are designed to last.

If you want your car to last then you quality parts and always avoid installing generic items, so make your voice heard when you’re in a garage.