Diagnose, Fix your Garage Door

HORMANN Sectional Garage Door Demonstration

Do you have a rodent problem in your garage?

Garages are often the prefect place for rodents to hide away. It is a place that they can have sheetlet and some warmth whilst still being undisturbed the majority of the time. Although mice in particular may not worry you too much, they can cause a fair amount of damage as they will chew through anything to get to food or to make themselves a bed. Lots of people use there garage as extra storage or even as a laundry room. Clothing and soft furnishings can make for the perfect place for a mouse to set up camp so you need to keep your eye open for these unwanted guests.

You can invest in a human trap to lay in your garage which will allow you to catch the rodent without killing it. You can then take it somewhere to let it go.

Although you cannot totally avoid getting a mouse in your garage try and ensure that there is no food left in there. You should also try and block up any holes and make sure that the garage door is a snug fit and you may be surprised at how small of a gap they can squeeze through max.