Finding a trust worthy mechanic

When it comes to car repairs many of us worry about getting ripped off and over charged for work or quoted for work that doesn’t need doing. Finding a mechanic that you can trust is one way to put your mind at ease, although this can take some time.

I recently used a garage that my sister had used previous following the good experience she had had with them, but unfortunately, my experience was somewhat different.

I took my car in for a MOT to be told that the handbrake had failed and would need replacing costing just over £220. I needed the vehicle as soon as possible so agreed for them to go ahead with the work. Once I had collected the car and got it home, I found that the hand brake would not hold on my drive and after a call was told that it would take some time for it to bed in. A few weeks later I still had the same issue and they replaced the handbrake again, still not fixing the issue. I found it hard to believe that a handbrake that was working fine (to my knowledge) could then be replaced and not working correctly but was told that it was just the way they worked on BMW’s. I lost all faith in the garage and ended up taking it elsewhere.