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HORMANN Sectional Garage Door Demonstration

Garage doors with pedestrian access

A garage door needs to be practical but sometimes the traditional up and over just aren’t suitable for your needs. If you often have to go through your garage door, then you don’t really want to have to open it up completely. This not only makes small jobs such as putting the bin bag out a bigger task than it needs to be, but it also means you let heat from your home and could jeopardise your security by allowing someone to see what is stored in your garage.

The best solution for those that need to use their garage door often as a pedestrian is to have a separate pedestrian door installed either to the side of your garage door or inside your garage door. You can now opt for a garage door where part of it can be opened like an entrance door. The pedestrian door can be made to fit in exactly with the design of the garage door and the rest of your home. Not only can you have your garage door and pedestrian access door matching but also your front entrance door or porch door. This ensures continuity and can vastly improve kerb appeal of your home.