Genuine vs. Generic

While a dealership will fit genuine or Original Equipment Manufacturer parts (OEM for short) an independent garage will probably use aftermarket car parts but is this something to be concerned about? Aftermarket parts will probably be cheaper but does this mean they are lower quality?

While the old adage “you get what you pay for” is often true, it could also be said that you pay a lot for a name. You may assume that genuine parts will be of better quality but this may not be the case, aftermarket parts may be reverse engineered so money is saved on development allowing the manufacturer to improve quality at a lower cost. Genuine parts may differ from OEM parts only in the packaging. Factor in the price difference which can be up to 70% and those non-genuine parts can look pretty appealing.

Cheaper parts may not come with a warranty and you should check the terms of your vehicles warranty when getting it serviced. If you’re concerned about non genuine parts, you could insist that your garage orders in the genuine parts.