Getting your wheels aligned

Wheels alignment is very important but not everyone knows that or even knows that it is something you can have done. When your car is made in the factory the wheels are set up to be aligned exactly with each other meaning that it steers as it should and does not cause any issues with the tyres. Over time the wheels can be unaligned or if you hit a pot hole or a curb for example you may knock the alignment out. You may notice this by the fact that your car is pulling to the right or left when you drive it or a vibration through the steering wheel.

Most car garages can check and alter the alignment for you for less than £30 but if left out of alignment you may find that you end up having to fork out a lot more. The ill alignment or tracking as it is also known can cause  uneven tyre wear, often on the inside of the tyre meaning that you may not even realise until you take the car to the garage. If this happens the chances are you will also have to fork out for a pair of new tyres. Getting your tracking done once every 12 months or if you have recently had a bump to the wheel can save money in the long run and can avoid unnecessary problems with your tyres.