Hormann Garage Doors – What Are the Prime Features of Sectional Garage Doors?

Hormann sectional garage doors
Sectional garage door consists of separate sections, rather than one panel, which allows smooth and smooth operation, especially when using the electric garage door opener. Since the parts are all pivotally connected, the door can slide through a solid curve before finally settling in a horizontal position parallel to the floor of the garage. Thanks to its design and mechanism, it can solve a lot of common problems that arise in the garage door.

These doors are ideal for most garage doors, including arches. Hormann sectional garage doors are suitable for short access roads since you can park your car right up to the door without fearing that the door swings open and hits your car or any pedestrian that is standing next to the door.

Sectional gates have many advantages over a canopy or up and above the garage doors. With sectional doors, the maximum width of the garage opening is increased. It also provides a better height resolution, which is beneficial for high-end vehicles such as 4X4 and multi-purpose vehicles. Comprehensive sealing ensures protection from severe weather conditions.

Trademark of Hormann

The garage doors of Hormann are part of the umbrella of the building components Hormann sells to the market. Their sectional garage doors are available in widths from 2 meters to 5.5 meters wide. For the height of the doors, some models rise to 3 meters. For special sizes requiring large spaces, Hormann offers a Combi door with a width of up to 7.5 meters.

Standard Functions

Fully sealed perimeter – rubber seals are used. A large lower rubber seal on a flat surface will help prevent leaves and dust, etc.

Vertical work means that you can park your car right up to the door inside or outside and still be able to open or close the door.

Excellent safety – the use of 5 encapsulated rollers installed in steel hinges on both sides of the standard door. Locking system for latches with cylinder lock of the Western type. Double leather doors would protect from strong physical attacks.

Easy to operate – spring mechanisms are used to facilitate the operation of the door during operation, compared to a carport or garage door.

Powder coating is a standard feature for all doors, both inside and outside. For the outer part of the door, a bright white (RAL9016) finish is used, while the white finish (RAL9002) is used in the inner section – there is no need to draw.

The remote control is ready – it can be used with the electromechanical garage door opener due to its design, where the standard boom operator, not having new adaptation, is ready because of the retractable section door guard. For this, you can install both external and internal electric garage. Look for the perfect match regarding colour, panel design, and other similar details. An automatic garage door is necessary to protect your car, and in some cases – one of the entrances to your house. But while the charm of the wooden door will initially lead you, it is always important to consider the practical aspects when choosing a particular model.