How easy is it to change a light bulb on your vehicle?

If you notice you have a light out on your vehicle you may assume that it is a very simple job to do. Most vehicles have quick release panels that allow you to easily access the back of the light fitting, remove the dud bulb and replace it with a new one, but unfortunately, this is not the case for all makes and models of vehicles.

Some vehicles require you to remove the plastic covering held in place by studs around the wheel arch. This can be quite hard to do and often locating and replacing the bulb is not always straightforward. There are also a few makes and models of cars that require you to complete part of the front bumper to access to the front light assembly. Often vehicles where you are required to do this, are best taken to a garage to complete.

Be sure that you always buy good quality bulbs and double check that they are the right fitment before purchasing. Places such as Halfords sell bulbs for most vehicles and even offer a fitting service for a small fee. Driving around with a headlight or indicator bulb out, for example, is an offence and if you notice that one is not working you need to get it replaced as soon as possible.