How much does break down cover cost?

Breakdown cover is something that many drivers skim on and either neglect to get it at all or find the cheapest quote and go with that, but in doing this you are playing a dangerous game which could end up costly.

Unlike car insurance, break down cover is not compulsory in the UK but even so, it is something that we should all take out for added peace of mind. Even new cars suffer breakdowns so regardless of the age of the vehicle you should get breakdown. Some policies even cover you when you are a passenger in someone else’s car so need not worry about ever get stuck.  If you break down on the motorway, you must get your car recovered as soon as possible and if you cannot provide details of the company that is recovering you then you may have to pay the recovery charges issued by the highways maintenance service. This is often a lot higher than the annual fee you would pay for breakdown assistance and they will often only recover you to a local garage or safe place to leave the vehicle.

The average break down policy costs as little as £9 per month so it really won’t break the bank and in with this you may also be given extras such as a hire car or overnight accommodation. If you want extra peace of mind be sure to opt for a package that recovers you to any UK destination and also home start.