How to find a car garage you can trust

Having repairs done on your car can be expensive and we all want to ensure that we do not get ripped off. It can be hard trying to find a garage that you can trust as often you will only find out if they are trustworthy by using them a few times. If you take your car to a garage and worry that they are not being honest you could take it elsewhere for a second opinion. You may not wish to tell the first garage that you are doing this but if you do, they shouldn’t mind as longas they have been upfront with you.

Being quoted for work that does not need doing is unfortunately something that happens quite often. Unless you have the knowledge to know and the means of checking, often you have to take a mechanics word for it. If you take the car to a main dealership, you are likely to have to pay more for the parts and for the labour but you may find that you get a more consistent service.

The best way to find a garage you can trust is to ask around. Social media sites such as Facebook are a great place to start to ask for reviews. You can post on your profile or on local groups asking for recommendations for car garages or mobile mechanics. If you get the same garage or mechanic mentioned multiple times then you at least can have a bit of peace of mind that they are reputable.

If you do use a garage and find that they are quoting for work that is not required, it is important to report them so that they cannot get away with it again.

Running a car is often enough of an expense on its own without having to fork out for repairs that do not need to be done. Keeping on top of your services will help prolong the life of the vehicle and should allow you to pick up on problems that may of developed quickly, before they worsen.

If you do find a garage you can trust, be sure to spread the word and leave them reviews. This will then help other people that are currently looking for a good mechanic or garage to work on their vehicle. Social media sites are again a great place to leave reviews along with Google listings and their own website, if they have one.