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How to tell if your garage is suitable for a second storey extension

Some homeowners who want to increase the size of their property opt for a second storey extension above the garage. This is often a really good plan and can give one or two more rooms at the property which can be used as extra bedrooms or a bedroom and a study or home office.

 It is a mistake to assume that every garage can be built on and a structural survey will need to be conducted to check whether the foundations of the garage are sufficiently strong to take the weight of a second floor extension. This will probably involve some of the ground around the garage being excavated to see how substantial the foundations are.

If the exterior garage wall is on the neighbour’s boundary then the internal garage floor will have to be dug out to check the foundations. This can be done before any planning application is made and an architect or reputable builder will be able to check the regulations regarding the depth of foundations needed in this case.

There will have to be a planning application made to the local council building control department for the work on the extension to commence and advice can be sought from a building inspector about the suitability of the garage if there are any doubts.