New car features – useful or just pointless?

So most new car models come with standard features and optional add ons, these come at a price so sometimes it’s worth looking into which ones are worth having and which are, well, pretty much useless!

One example of a pointless feature is the logo projection that some cars come with that shine a light onto the floor from under the wing mirrors with a picture of the cars logo, maybe nice to have if you are driving a Porsche not so much if you are driving a Skoda!

Auto boot open can be a good feature if you have your hands full as you can then easily open the boot by activating a sensor with your foot.

Automatic windscreen wipers seems like a great feature as in theory they auto adjust to the level of rain that you have. However in practise it can actually be just as frustrating as you end up constantly adjusting the settings as it rarely gets the speed of the wipers right.

Automatic dimming rear view mirror can be great if you find that you get dazzled driving at night with the lights of other cars blinding you through your mirror. The feature can also be turned on and off so if you struggle to see through it when auto dim is activated you can switch it off for a bit.