Mini service

Servicing can be an expensive part of owning a car. Many cars require a service every 12 months or 10,000 miles and then a major service every 30,000 miles or three years. Many new cars now come with long life service schedules meaning that they only need a service every 2 or 3 years for example.

Services can range from £100 upwards to £500 if it is a major main dealer service but is essential to maintaining your vehicle the best you can. Many people do not want to spend this money on old cars and therefore garages are now offering mini services. The mini service often includes oil and filter change, checking and topping up of other fluids and all over check on the brakes, suspension and tyres for example. This can cost as little as £40 so can be a huge saving on the normal dealership service prices.



Lowing your car insurance

Car insurance can be a massive annual cost for many motorists. Young drivers, especially males or anyone with convictions / endorsements on their licence can see their premiums well over a thousand pounds a year often making it a struggle to stay driving n the road.

Did you realise that the area in which you live in can have a massive effect on the cost of your car insurance and in some cases can over double your premium.

With this in mind, we should all look at ways in which we can reduce or insurance costs as much as possible to keep pour outgoings lower.

/keeping your car in a locked garage for example can often reduce the cost of your insurance compared to if you were keeping the car on a public road over night. This is because the car is likely to be more secure in a locked garage than on a road.


Cars that maintain their value

It is a fact that most cars lose money year upon year from wear and tear on the paintwork, interior and engine or even because a newer model has come out making yours seem outdated.

There are certain cars that do hold their money or some classics even increase in value. You can also increase the value of a car by doing work to it, such as a respray or completing repairs that needed doing when you purchased it but there is always a ceiling limit as to how much you can recoup.

Studies show that a new car loses approximately 17% of its value within the first 12 months but some cars lose money quicker than others.

The Honda CRV, the Nissan Frontier and the Jeep Wrangler are amongst some of the cars that lose less than 17% in the first year with these three particular models losing on average between 7 and 8 percent. This can mean an additional £1000-£2000 in your pocket should you wish to sell it after a year.


All over safety check

If you have just bought a car or even if you just want someone to give your existing car a once over, there are many garages now offering a free visual inspection. If you call up one of these garages and explain to them that you want a free visual inspection they can often fit you in the same day. The car is put up on a ramp in the work shop and then the mechanic will check over it to find out any damage on the car. They sometimes will ask you over to have a look whilst it is on the ramp so you can see for yourself what needs doing.

This service is usually designed to check many components such as the brakes, suspension, tyres and sometimes the battery. Once the garage has given you a list of items that may need to be replaced they can provide you with a quote to do the work, but you are under no obligation to take it.


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Finding a trusted mechanic

Finding a garage or mechanic that can work on your car can be easy as there are quite a few choices, but finding one that you can trust is often a different story. Some people choose to only ever take their car to a main dealer for repair or maintenance work. This is often more so with new cars that maybe are still under a manufacturer’s warranty, but main dealer prices for labour and for parts can be quite a bit higher than a local garage or mobile mechanic.

When shopping around for a mechanic, try and use one that has been recommended to you or that has a lot of good independent reviews. If you are ever in doubt about work that you have been quoted for from a mechanic or garage then I would strongly suggest getting a second opinion, as many places will do this for a small charge or even for free.


Using a mobile mechanic

If you need work doing on your car and it is not able to be driven to a garage or you cannot have the time off work to take it to one, then you may want to consider using a mobile mechanic. People often assume that a mobile mechanic will charge more to carry out services and repairs that taking it to a workshop but this is often not the case. As a mobile mechanic can save money on the costs of leasing/ owning a workshop and the bills that come with it, they can often significantly reduce their labour charges.

Mobile mechanics may not be able to undertake all jobs if for example it requires the car to be lifted up on to a ramp, but they may have access to a ramp that they use or can take it to a garage that they are affiliated with for you.

Make sure that you always read reviews on mobile mechanics and never just had over your car to someone that you have little information on.


Suspension coil springs

Repairs on vehicles regardless of if mechanical or body repairs can be costly. Garages usually put a good amount on top of the cost price of the parts and labour charges can vary from twenty five upwards of sixty pounds an hour, so what may seem like a small job can soon add up.

If you want to try and save money on your car repairs then you can try and sort out the parts yourself. You do not have to be a whizz with cars to do this, just need to know exactly what parts you need. Some garages will not be happy fitting parts that have been supplied by someone else, but if you use a mobile mechanic then often they will be ok with it.

I recently had to have a new coil spring fitted on a 2005 Vectra and was shocked to be quoted £140 for the pair (they are often done in pairs). After doing a bit of shopping around I managed to get the parts for £32 and found a mobile mechanic that would fit them for £35 saving myself a whopping £73!



Slow puncture in your tyre

A puncture can happen at any time and can not only be inconvenient but can be costly and not to mention dangerous. Often it is caused by driving over debris in the road or even hitting a pot hole too hard and can happen to a brand new tyre. Some punctures can be repaired whilst other will require a new tyre to be fitted. You can expect to pay upwards of fifteen pounds per repair.

If you have a slow puncture then it is tempting to just keep inflating it every couple of days to get you through, but you are running the risk of making the puncture worse and also of the tyre becoming dangerous and causing the car to lose control.

If you notice that you have a flat tyre or under inflated tyre then you need to fill it up with air but check it again the next day to see if it has gone down again. Tyres do lose pressure naturally over time but it should not be happening in the space of a few days or even a few weeks.



Hiring a car in the EU

If you’re heading to Europe, either on holiday or for business, you need to be aware of recent regulation changes regarding the documents you’ll need when hiring a car. You used t need the paper part of your UK driving license but now things have changed.

Earlier this year, the DVLA scrapped the paper part of the license in an effort to save money and red tape. The paper part holds details of any previous convictions and offences and, as such, was used by hire car companies to check a driver’s history. In place of the paper license, you now need to present a hire company with a code obtained from the DVLA’s website. This code allows the hire company to check your history online.

The code is only valid for three days so if you don’t plan ahead you will be relying on being able to access the DVLA’s website or their phone line when you need to hire a vehicle.