Perform Your Own Car Tune up

A regular vehicle maintenance, also referred to as a car tune up, is a basic maintenance of a vehicle which checks a lot of the basic aspects of a car’s condition. A lot of the tasks are very easy to do, and are well within the abilities of any car owner, whether they have mechanical expertise, are a car enthusiast, or just your average person.

A basic tune up of a car involves a few different tasks; an oil check, tyre check, fluid level check. Oil checks can be done simply by taking the dipstick out of the plug, wiping off the oil onto a rag to see the colour and consistency of the oil, and then adding in any oil needed to get it to its desired level (which should be indicated on the dipstick). With a tyre check, you need to examine the tyres for their general condition (if they are in any way damaged) and for their pressure levels. Lastly, checking the fluid levels is also important, such as transmission fluid, brake fluid, radiator and power steering fluid. Also checking windscreen wiping fluid can be beneficial, but less essential.