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Problems with suspension

I recently had an issue on my Vauxhall Vetra that caused the back end of the car to skip out when travelling a normal speeds and going round a bend. This was especially noticeable if there was a slight dip in the road or a pot hole. I first inspected my tyres which had over 8 mm of tread left meaning that low tread level was not the issue. The car was also very bumpy in general.

Upon taking the car in to a local garage, they inspected the suspension on the vehicle. The fault was found to be caused by the shock absorbers and they would need to be replaced in order to rectify the situation.

I was quoted a price of £200 for the pair which I felt was extremely expensive for a relatively small part, but after ringing around a bit managed to get the car suspension parts down to £150. It just shows what calling around can save you!