Replacing your garage door

If you are thinking about replacing your garage door then you may decide to do it yourself or use a third-party company to do it for you. You firstly need to decide what type of garage door you want. There are a number of different options such as the traditional up and over garage door. Wooden garage doors or bi-folding doors. It may be tricky to know which sort of door you should go for. Using a company that specialise in garage doors will help to ensure you make the correct choice. They will be able to come out and view the garage and find out what you use it for and how often you access it. If for example space is essential to you then an up and over garage door that folds away in the ceiling may be ideal. But if you rarely open the doors and just want to have access through to the back garden then you may choose double doors or even a garage door with pedestrian access.

If you park your car in your garage overnight then having a door that can be opened and closed using a remotely control is a must. You will be able to control the door without having to leave the car.