Should you let the garage replace or try to repair a damaged exhaust system?

The exhaust on your vehicle is a common component to get damaged or worn. If you often drive over rough road surfaces or uneven land then you will likely catch your exhaust which over time can cause a hole or part of it to come loose.

If you suddenly find that your car sounds particularly loud when you accelerate or even just when idling and the noise is coming from the back end of the car then you most probably have a hole in your exhaust pipe. A damaged exhaust pipe will usually fail an MOT and if the car sounds very loud you may attract unwanted attention from the police. It is important to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

So what options do you have? Depending on where about the hole is in the exhaust and how big it is, you could try repairing it. You can buy exhaust bandage or ask a garage to weld it for you. This may solve the problem but may only be a temporary fix.

The best way to ensure that the issue is properly fixed in to replace that section of the exhaust. This may be a relatively small job, so always get a quote first before rushing out to repair it to try and save a bit of money.