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Storing Christmas presents in a garage

A garage may seem like the perfect place to store your Christmas presents.

It may be the one place in the home that your children are unlikely to venture to and makes for a good hiding place.

When using a garage as a storage place, there are a few things to beat in mind. Garages can become very cold during the winter months. They often do not have any sort of heating so temperatures can drop well below freezing over night. Batteries often don’t fair well in extreme heat or extreme cold so you should try and avoid storing anything that has a battery in the garage unless it is wrapped up well. Popular gifts such as phones, consoles and tablets are all susceptible to damage from the cold weather. It’s not only the cold weather that you have to watch out for when stashing away your presents. Rodents such as mice and rats can be attracted to the chocolates or sweets you may have stored away. You will be surprised at the small spaces high or low they can get in to and what destruction they can cause in the garage in the matter of a couple of hours.