Suspension coil springs

Repairs on vehicles regardless of if mechanical or body repairs can be costly. Garages usually put a good amount on top of the cost price of the parts and labour charges can vary from twenty five upwards of sixty pounds an hour, so what may seem like a small job can soon add up.

If you want to try and save money on your car repairs then you can try and sort out the parts yourself. You do not have to be a whizz with cars to do this, just need to know exactly what parts you need. Some garages will not be happy fitting parts that have been supplied by someone else, but if you use a mobile mechanic then often they will be ok with it.

I recently had to have a new coil spring fitted on a 2005 Vectra and was shocked to be quoted £140 for the pair (they are often done in pairs). After doing a bit of shopping around I managed to get the parts for £32 and found a mobile mechanic that would fit them for £35 saving myself a whopping £73!