The Engine Warning Light

Most car models will have an engine warning light, and it’s one of those lights on the dashboards that people dread. This is because it can mean a number of things. The only way to find out what the issue is, is to take the car to a garage, they will then find out what the malfunction is and fix it.

This is a light that should never be ignored and on some cars it will flash as you accelerate, so in this situation you should avoid driving the car, or drive it very slowly and carefully. This light will not come on unless there is a malfunction with the engine management system and to avoid a costly repair in the future you should always have the car checked out.

The one part you don’t’ want to cause damage to is the very expensive catalytic converter, and a repair in some cases cost more than the vehicle is worth, so make sure you get your vehicle looked at fast when this light comes on.