Vehicle Diagnostics

Most of us have had a car or many cars over the years that has suddenly developed a problem that we do not know what the cause of it is or how we can fix it. This can be a major worry for some people as you have no idea how much it is going to cost to rectify it. Before just taking the car to a garage and asking them to repair it, try and find somewhere you can have a diagnostic carried out on the vehicle. This is where a computer is linked up to the onboard computer in the car and the mechanic is able to see if there are any fault codes listed.

These fault codes may mean very little to me and you but most mechanics will have a good idea as to what is causing the problem if a fault is found. However, this is not always guaranteed as sometimes there may be a number of faults listed (some of which are not causing a major issue) or the fault code given could point to a number of problems.