What should I do if I breakdown?

It is something that most drivers dread, and many drivers try to prepare for, but it is still very worrying when your car breaks down by the roadside. If you do have the misfortune to break down do you know what to do?

Hopefully you will have previously organised breakdown cover with a reputable organisation and have the details of your cover and the relevant telephone numbers on hand. A phone call to the operator with details of your car and location will be the first thing to do and help should be on its way often within the hour.

If you are carrying an emergency triangle it is a good idea to place this a few metres from your car to warn other motorists of the hazard along with switching on your hazard lights. It is essential, especially if you breakdown on a motorway that you do not stay inside the vehicle but stand some metres away in case your car is hit by another vehicle.

Should you not have breakdown cover you will need to either phone a family member or friend to tow you to garage not to be attempted by the fainthearted or ideally phone a local garage to recover your vehicle.