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Finding a good garage for your vehicle repairs

Many car owners prefer to use a smaller independent garage for their MOTs, services and general car repairs but finding a reliable, reasonably priced garage can be difficult. Are there any tips for finding a business that you can trust?

Firstly, personal recommendation is a brilliant way to find a good garage to use for vehicle repairs. Social media sites are often used to enquire about a whole variety of services including garages so it may be worth using your social media account to see if there are any local recommendations. Of course, asking friends and family who they use would also be worthwhile. Do be wary of online reviews however as they may not always be reliable. Using a trusted trader site to find a local garage for vehicle repairs can be useful as they usually have to be up to a certain standard to be allowed onto the register.

If you do need to use a garage that you are not familiar with it is best to get a quote for any work and to seek a second or even third opinion on the work that needs doing to make sure that you are not being charged over the odds for work that does not need doing.